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I provide personalized assessment to maximize the potential of individuals and organizations. I conduct standardized assessments (research-validated tests), as well as on-site observations (including classroom visits). Some form of assessment is always the starting point for any plan of action because it provides a clear picture of challenges and available resources. If you are seeking answers for your (or your child’s) learning or career difficulties…. Please Contact Me.

• Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD)

Because symptoms of inattention or even hyperactivity can be due to a variety of causes, assessment helps clarify which interventions are likely to be most effective.

• Learning Disabilities (LD)

Learning can be affected by a number of factors, including weaknesses in specific areas of information processing, such as seeing, listening, memory and quickness. Assessment identifies the ways different factors influence learning for a particular individual.

• Career Interests, Strengths & Values

Career assessments can provide information relevant to the selection of fields of study, jobs and career paths.

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